I watched one documentary film last month. And I was impressed by it. It was about interview of one old man who had been soldier nearly five years in war time. His experience of war had finished at Okinawa where he suffered death. But he had been in Chine three years and eight months from his first year as a soldier. He told three episodes at China in the film. The first one was a story when he was a new soldier. One day he and other new soldiers were gathered at the ground. There were two Chinese men who attached on trees by ropes. And the older soldiers instructed them to stick with the swords witch attached at their guns into the hearts of the Chinese. Then they did that because they couldn't say any objection to it. The second one was the story when his troops did a long hard walking in mountains. Old soldiers caught one Chinese woman who was in 30s and had an infant in her arms. The old soldiers raped her and had her walk with them. After had be raped she wore only shoes and still holding her baby with cloth. When his troops took rest at cliff side she sat beside him. He noticed slightly her white body in tiredness. Suddenly an old soldier picked her baby and threw him/her into cliff. Then the mother threw herself into cliff as she chased her baby. It happened in only several seconds. He shocked little since he couldn't think things deeply because of tiredness. After that his troops restarted the walking as if nothing happened. Third is the story when he was about three year experienced soldier and he did it this time. He and his colleague soldiers wanted to test how many real human bodies their guns can shoot trough out. Then they made a line using Chinese men and shot them from front. If two or three people died they left the bodies from the line and shot again. They did it until nobody left in the line.
He is mid 90s now. And he didn’t tell these stories anybody till 2000. But he had started telling them before many people and wrote some books about them. Many people who was in the same troops said complaint why he opened those episodes. But he thinks he must talk about these facts that really happened. And people who don't experience the war must know what happen in the war and how normal people change into like devil. He said people must decide what is good or bad by themself after knowing these facts. Finally he said sadly he never tell these stories to his wife and his family directly even he have been telling the stories to many people.

Now we must know the fact include the comfort women. But we must not talk about who was bad or evil but what is bad and what we must avoid.

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My memory of summer

Hi there. It's September. It's autumn. There was heavy rain on last week and air was cooling down. And it seems hot days won't come back.
Any way this hot summer remember me my memory of one summer day. Then I'm going to tell you about it.
(Actually this is the article I posted to TADOKU board of SEG home page at Sep 4th 2003.)

I usually visit Kyoto twice a year.
Because I stay my parents' house on summer holidays and year-end and new-year.
This year I did not take off on Bon-season, but this week.
Today I'm visiting Yasaka shrine same as other years.
After that I visited a sweety shop and ate Uji-kintoki crashed ice.
This is also my custom at visiting Kyoto.
I taste Uji-kintoki on summer or Zenzai on winter at this shop.

Today is very hot.
And I remember one summer day of several years ago.
That time I was in Yasaka shrine with my friend.
Suddenly we had strong shower, then we went unber the entrance gate of shrine.
And we saw a good sight.
There was a small cat, and she went to Komainu for hiding from shower.
Then she were sitting between Komainu's paws, under his chest.
That was beautiful scene.
Komainu's colour was almost gray, but cat's was light brown and white.
I and my friend said to each other if we had camera.
I can remember that scene clearly still now.
Then I try to make HAIKU in English for this memory.

"Shower come, Cat hid, Under stone dog's chest"

What do you think?
Happy reading!
(wrote on Sep.4.2003)

Now I tried to make a fake picture of this scene for easy understanding.

Japanese Stained Glass

When I visit to Europe cities for sightseeing, I like to visit churches and cathedrals because their buildings, especially their stained glasses, are very beautiful. The stained glasses are normally colorful and great when you look at them from inside of buildings. I have many pictures of the them.
And when I surfed among internet I found a article of tabby’s blog “step by step” which showed beautiful Japanese stained glasses. They are built in the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall. And their design are not like European style but Japanese one. When I looked the photos which tabby had took I thought I liked them as well as when I visited Europe churches and cathedrals.
I’ll show you some photos of them here (tabby said it is OK).
Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall
Stained Glass 1
Stained Glass 2

Visit tabby’s homepage, if you want to see more photos. Because the homepage of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall doesn’t have good and much photos of them.

Japanese homepage of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall is here.

Visiting my mother

Today I visited my mother after nearly one month interval. She said she missed me and worried about me. She even had a bad dream that I had fallen in a difficult situation. In her dream I had sent to Ireland for my job. She thought Ireland was dangerous. Then I explained Ireland was not dangerous nowadays.
Why Ireland? Because I had been there about eleven months thorough 2004 and 2005 for my job. And it was some coincidence because I just finished reading a book at Sunday it mentioned Ireland in the story.
Any way she asked me regular visits. My showing up must be the vest present for her.
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The statement about comfort women of Mr. Hashimoto, Osaka City mayor, receive bashing from common. Everybody seems dislike his this opinion. But I partly agree to his opinion. I think the system of comfort women is bad and sad thing. But it was true the system removed soldiers' sexually frustration so that saved many people especially women from soldiers' attacks and rapes. What we must do is studying the these fact and deciding that we never do the same thing again. And we must decide that we never allow a war.
When I think about these things, I remembered my posting to the SSS-TADOKU bord. I posted it at 2004 APR 16 just after reading "JOJO'S STORY"(CER2). It is following:

I just finished reading "Jojo's Story" ofCER2.It's a story of war.The story begin the scene that a small country village is emptied by soldiers.It say, "they are dead. My mother, my father, my sister, my brother. My family. ・・・My mother had no clothes on. I've never seen my mother without clothes.・・My sister's dead on the floor. There was blood on her leg. I pull down her skirt."
When I read these sentences, I remembered the story that I heard at last summer.I heard this on a TV. One old man, about 80, told his story on the world war 2 without showing his face.He was a soldier of Japan army, And had been fought against foreign countries at China. The war last long time. The soldiers were very tired. Also they were very hungry at food and women. Then lower level soldiers sometimes attacked small villages for those. He said, "One day, we attacked one house at small village. There were one old father and mother and young daughter. We started taking off the daughter's clothes as usual. The father of her asked us let go her with tears and bowed on ground. But we ignored him and had raped his daughter. After we finished we killed them. Because we were afraid they talk to our boss about this." He also said, "Almost soldiers were doing same without reasons. We should be crazy. But no way at those time." At last he said that he never tell this fact to his family. But also he felt he must tell this others for records.
Is this a old story? NO! The same things are going on at somewhere in the world. I read it on Newsweek at last autumn that the same things had been happened at Chechen(sorry I'm not sure the name of place yet) by Russian soldiers. And maybe now somewhere.
Dose wars make them bad? And are these soldiers bad?I'm not sure. But I'm sure that a war is bad.And we must see this fact or ignore this?

(YL4.0, 9125words)
You ca read the beginning of this story at Amazon.

I was surprised a book for children choose this serious subject and expression. People may be think everybody even a child must know everything in England. Why people want hide these fact from children in Japan? I think children or student must know these things and think and discuss.

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