Longman Literacy Land

LLL Step0

I had rejoined SEG Book Club (You can rent children books at there).
Then I started to read LLL series, or Longman Literacy Land series.
This series has 123 books and 12 steps. The first book of the series has no word except title and the last book has 5219 words. The picture is the first book.
Today I read two books of first step, Foundation Step, and 17 books of second step, Step 1.
Foundation Step has six books. And every book may have eight pages and no word except their titles.
These books have stories and jokes at the end even they have only pictures. And you can remember faces of main characters in the series.

The Books in Foundation Step are:
A Walk with Sam (0 word)
The Snail
Hide and Seek
The Lost Robot

Then, Happy Reading!
(143 words)


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