It is very hot and humid from Thursday.
Today is Saturday and no working day.
Usually I sleep all day on Saturday.
But today I was waked up by sun because my room's window faces at East.

I had already taken shower twice and still sweat now.
Yes. My room has an air conditioner. But I never have used it for five years because I don't like air from the machine.

Think old days when people didn't have air conditioners and cooling machines.
They had opened their room's windows and taken wind from outside. They might have used handy fan also. And they had had cool shower sometime.
In Japan, they had used cool water within big pans at their front yard. They got in the pans without clothes and uses water for cooling. This was called Gyou-Zui. Usually tall wooden fences surrounded their houses. Then nobody could see what was going on his/her front yard.
But sometime stupid men peeped inside of the fence through a small hole if beautiful lady had taken Gyou-Zui. This was famous scene of summer in traditional time in Japan.

Oh, a thunderstorm is coming now.
It will be getting cool soon.
See you.
(This writing has just 200 words)

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