Zack Files: Season 1 (3pc) Zack Files: Season 1 (3pc)
Harvey Crossland、 他 (2004/08/31)

I found this DVD on Amazon today.
This said "Season 1" because ZACK FILES were on TV. But TV version wasn't animation. It was dramas. And Zack wasn't 10-year-old but 12.
This DVD has 26 stories. And one story is for 30 minutes TV program. Then a length of one story is around 22 minutes like "Friends". Don't you think this is reasonable?
And one reviewer on said this DVD is easy to understand because this is for children. This may be good practice for watching English dramas before you challenge to watch Friends.

But there is one problem. The region code of the DVD is for US. But the same reviewer said it didn't have a region code setting and he can play the DVD without changing the setting of his DVD player.

I decided I would buy this DVD!

See you.
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