Visiting Kyoto


I had been my parents' house between summer holidays from last Saturday to Tuesday. I usually visit Kyoto between I'm in my parents' house. So I visited Kyoto at 14th, Monday.
It was very hot day, about 36C degree on daytime. At first I visited Yasaka Shrine as usual. I visit this shrine every summer and winter. After praying my health I went to my favorite sweet shop.
It is a small shop that has a working area and 10 guest seats. I ate an Uji-Kintoki and a Mikasa (or Dora-yaki). Uji-kintoki is ice flakes with green tea syrup and ice cream and sweetened small red beans under ice. Mikasa is two 15 cm hotcake-like bans and sweetened red bean paste filling between them (see photo).
This shop proud sweetened small red bean filling and use it for their traditional cakes, Mikasa and Monaka so many people send orders by mail.
After tasting these sweet and getting cool I visited Kenninji Temple. This is the oldest Zen Temple in Japan and recently famous with the double dragon picture on ceiling which was gotten for its 800 years anniversary. And I had enjoyed very silent moment.
I had Kuzukiri with molasses, which is another famous traditional sweet in Kyoto, before getting train to my parents' house.

See you.
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