Dog on a Broomstick (CORGI PUPS) Dog on a Broomstick (CORGI PUPS)
Jan Page (1997/09/01)
Corgi Childrens

The witch is looking for a witch's cat.
But a dog comes and asks for the job of cat.
Why can a dog be a witch's cat?

This is one of books of CORGI PUPS series.
This series' books are easy because they are made for new readers.
Every page has a picture. This makes the books easy to understand.
This series is easier than The Zack Files series and little bit harder than the Nate The Great series.

The story of this book is very good. It is not so funny and you may not move by this story. But the story goes at good speed. And you may agree to feelings of characters in the story. Then finally you will satisfy the story after reading. I recommend reading this book.
This book has 2236 words.

Happy Reading!
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