The Invasion (Animorphs) The Invasion (Animorphs)
Katherine Applegate (1996/06)
Five kids meet a good alien. He fights against bad aliens to save the Earth. And he gives them a special power to fight against invaders. The power can change them into animals. But does this power help them to fight against bad invaders?
I finished to read Animorphs book 1. This is a very fun book. It is no wonder that many my friends like this series. I almost couldn't stop reading it. But this book is little fat for one day reading for me. This book has 34,028 words. I took three days for finishing it.
This series has 54 books and the whole story had completed. The average word counts is about 30,000 words. This means you must read about 1.5 million words for complete this series. And some of my friends already completed it. Now I can see why they could continue to read this series. If you finished one book then you can not wait next.

Happy Reading!

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