The Slumber Party Secret (Nancy Drew Notebooks) The Slumber Party Secret (Nancy Drew Notebooks)
Carolyn Keene (1994/09/01)
Aladdin Paperbacks
Nancy Drew is a eight years old girl and a third grader.
She is invited a birth day's party one of her friends is going to have. But it seems that somebody want to ruin the party. She is asked to solve troubles from the friend because she is good at finding lost things. And she finds that she likes solving problems as she solve this case.
This book has 9761 words.

Nancy Drew is a very famous mystery series. They appeared 1929 as a detective story of Nancy Drew who was a high-school student. This series has over 170 books. The Nancy Drew Notebook series appeared 1994 for beginner readers. And this series have 69 books.
This series was made as first chapter books for children. But I think this book is not easy like other first chapter books. Also this book has too many words as a first chapter book.
Even so I had come familiar with the people in the book soon after I began to read. This may be because of the author's skill. Also the books in this series was written by simple and standard English. Recently many children books include many funny or dirty words and phrases.
I couldn't find this kinds of words and phrases in this book. Then I think the books in this series are good references for writing English sentences.
I also find following wesite about THE NANCY DREW NOTEBOOKS series.

Happy Reading!

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