Story of Doctor Dolittle Story of Doctor Dolittle
Hugh Lofting (1968/12)
Bt Bound

Doctor Dolittle was a human doctor once. But he liked animals very much. Then when his pets grew many, people didn't like them and didn't visit him. But one of his pets taught him animal languages when he had almost no money. Then he decided he became an animal doctor.
This was the beginning of the adventure of Doctor Dolittle.

This book was written with simple words and simple sentences. Then I could read this book faster than usual.
Hugh Lofting wrote this story in the letter to his children for amusing them during World War One. After that this became this book, the first story of Dr. Dolittle. Finally eight Doctor Dolittle books came out and the second book got the Newbery Medal. He was born in England. And I'd like to inform you he studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, because one of my friends is studying at MIT now.

At first I had start to read e-Book of this. And the introduction of the book said the illustrations in the book also written by author. Then I decided buying a paperback of this because the e-Book doesn't have pictures.
This is a good book. It's easy to understand as I already said. I strongly recommend reading this book. The Random House's Readable level is RL5.0. But I felt almost same level as The Zack Files.

This book has 24,442 words.
Happy Reading!
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