Nate The Great

Nate the Great (Nate the Great Detective Stories (Paperback)) Nate the Great (Nate the Great Detective Stories (Paperback))
Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (1977/04/01)
Laurel Leaf
Nate is a boy and a detective. He calls himself Nate the great. When his friends had a problem he get on a job. He likes pancakes very much. But when he was on his business he had changed his style. He wears his detective suit whenever he is on a his business. And he thinks he must not eat pancakes even if his client asked him to have pancakes. He finds two missing things in this book.
This book has 1610 words.

I already had read this book about two yeas ago. But I could enjoy reading this book this time. The most interesting parts are what he says and what he think, not what he do. He may want himself to behave as Shelock Holmes. I like this. Please taste this special feeling. You may like it.
In this time reading I found this book was written in 1972, over 30 years ago. I didn't notice this fact at last time. This means the story is still fresh for me.

Happy Reading!
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