The Zack Files #7

Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings (Zack Files) Never Trust a Cat Who Wears Earrings (Zack Files)
Dan Greenburg (1997/03)
Price Stern Sloan
Zack meets a strange lady at the Egypt exhibition in Metropolitan Museum on a school trip. Then he gets into some wired trouble as usual. He and his father ask for help to a vet, animal doctor, and Zack's great-grandpa. But they are no use. How do they recover it?
This book has 6060 words.

My evaluation of this story is average of The Zack Files books. But you know this series is my favorite one. Then average means a fun story. Only there are other excellent ones though.
I guess the author, Dan Greenburg, likes Egyptian stuff because this book is the second book related to Egypt (actually this book appeared earlier). And there is the picture of a black cat on the cover. Then I remember cats in Egypt I had seen as visiting Egypt at this May are skinny like this picture.

Happy Reading!


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