Happy Christmas

I got a Christmas card tonight. When I got a cashier in Starbucks at a station, a girl at cashier gave it to me.
The card itself may be official one. But the inside of it was full of warm handwriting messages from store stuffs, they may call them "partners".
It was a surprising Christmas present for me. And it made me happy even if the reason for the card was I'm a frequent gust. In fact I was thinking there will be nothing about Christmas for me this year after seventeen hours hard working.
I'll show you one of messages because it was written in English:
Every Refil you ask, every partner will have one big heart warming moment that comes from your love to us.

I usually ask refill because it cost only 100 yen. So I visits the cashier more than once at every visit to store.

Now I can say,
Happy Christmas to every you!
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