Jean Louise Finch tells us a story what had happened around her in her childhood at a small country town in Alabama. The story begin at the time when she was almost six-year old and gets into the first grade of a school. And the story lasts till the fall in her third grade.
This book has two parts. In the part one she tells us about her family, her father, Atticus, her elder brother, Jem, and her neighbors. Also something starts in the part one. Then it becomes a main thing in the part two. Many things happen related it and many people appear.
This book has about 100,000 words.

One of my friends in US recommended reading this book just after she had read it. Then I started reading it at last summer. It took long time to finish the book because I took a rest after finishing the part one and read other books. But I finished it about a half month ago. Some parts of the book are difficult to get imagines for me because of difficult words or backgrounds of the story. But I could read the last fifty pages in two days. The reasons why are that I might be getting familiar with the style of statements and a climax is usually the most fun part of a book.
The theme of the book might be the inside of hearts of people who lived a society that most white people hate black people. But why a person don't like others and sometimes treats them badly beyond his/her common sense is also one of themes of the book, I think. The author may try to show us these kinds of problems using children's eyes.
I also recommend reading this book as well as my friend. And think about the relationship with others.
There is no doubt that the novel received Pulitzer prize.
The book appeared 1960 and turned into film later.

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