Bess and George are fighting because George seems lost Bess's favorite locket. Bess and George are the two of Nancy's best friends. Then Nancy isn't easy when both of them call her and ask her which side she is standing. She suppose to solve the case of lost locket and this difficult situation soon.
This book has 8249 words.
The Lost Locket (Nancy Drew Notebooks) The Lost Locket (Nancy Drew Notebooks)
Carolyn Keene (1994/09/01)
Aladdin Paperbacks

This is the second book of the Nancy Drew Notebooks series. In this book Nancy's best friends, Bess and George, have problem between them. Nancy must be hurry to solve the problem because usually they three are playing together. This story makes the reader be familiar with Bess and George because there are much explanations about the characteristics and natures of both. This book is important as this mean even though the trick of the case isn't so interesting.

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