Dana Evans is a famous broadcast woman. And she is a main caster of a TV evening news show. One day she have a question about a murder that she spoke on the news. And she start investigating to make sure her question isn't true. But the more she have investigated the more questions come to her. And she start to get into trouble.
This book has 70,808 words.
The Sky Is Falling The Sky Is Falling
Sidney Sheldon (2001/07)
Warner Books Inc

This is the first Sidney Sheldon's book for me. And I began to read this book at last Friday because he had died. This book is recommended as the first grownup's paperback among our friends because it is easy to read and fun. And now I realize it is true. The book is easier than Harry Potter volume one. Sidney Sheldon use easy words and short sentences. But he give us enough information to image characters in the book. It may be because he used be a famous play writer. And things happen quickly. In the first three quarters things happened as I expected. But the last quarter many things that I couldn't imagine happened. This might be a talent of this author.
I enjoyed the book very much. In fact I had read the book in eight days. It is the shortest period for this sort of fat books, not fastest reading speed, for me.
I want to read other Sidney Sheldon's books soon.
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