Today I ate a bowl of ramen, a Chinese noodle, at Kamata. The ramen shop that I visited have a long waiting line in front of it all the time. It have only ten seats. And only one man is serving all guests.
But there was no waiting line and some empty seat when I walked though before it. I was lucky because a long waiting line had been made already when I finished eating.

What is special about their ramen. First is the taste, of cause. And second is their style, maybe. You can choose some options by free when you place order. They are a choice between harder noodle or softer noodle, more vegetable, adding oil to soup and adding garlic.
I chose a more vegetable and adding garlic. A amount of vegetable was huge, like a mount, so you cannot see the surface of soup (look picture!). It contains cabbage, beansprouts, and garlic.Raomen befor

I needed long time to see a surface of soup and some meet. But I enjoyed the meal.
Ramen after

If you visit the ramen shop, do not forget to return a bowl to counter, clean a table and say thanks after eating.
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