Michael Brock is a young lawyer. He is thirty-two year old. And he earns much money because he is working at a big law company.
One day a old man comes to company with gun. Michael is there six hours with the man. And at last the man is killed by police. After this accident Michael isn't interesting in his job at the company. And he notices something odd is going on. He leaves the company and starts working at a small law office. And he start finding facts of the odd thing that he noticed.
This book has 16,500 words.
Street Lawyer: Level 4 (Penguin Readers) Street Lawyer: Level 4 (Penguin Readers)
John Grisham、Michael Dean 他 (2001/03/05)
Longman Pub Group

This book is a one of Penguin Readers Level four books and written using 1,700 words. Also this book is a retold version of John Grisham's The Street Lawyer.
After finishing the book I didn't feel satisfaction. I felt not enough feeling because the story isn't complicated. It 's because this book has only 16,500 words and original book has 97,759 words.
The Street Lawyer The Street Lawyer
John Grisham (1999/01)
Dell Island Books

It is difficult to choose which book I must read between a long original story and a short retold story. If I read 100,000 words it takes more than 20 hours. And I need three or four hours to finish reading the retold version. But I recommend reading original version for this sort of novels if you can. I think the taste of a original writing is important for enjoying the story.
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