A boy wants to find something. So he becomes a
shepherd. He is traveling among villages in Spain with his sheep.
One night he have a dream about Pyramid. Some one says treasure is there. He thinks he must go Egypt.
Can he find his treasure?
This book has about 40,000 words.

I read this book two weeks ago.
This book is easier than Harry Potter book one.
You can read this book if you can read Harry Potter.
If you cannot understand some ideas in this book, that is no problem. You can read later again with better understanding.
This is a story about a boy who travels Egypt to find his Personal Legend, or treasure.
But the theme of this book isn't adventure, but some spiritual inspirations. I minded what is my Personal Legend and am I doing what I really want to do as I was reading this book. It is no wonder that this book is placed on shelves with other spiritual books in many book stores in Europe.
But the ideas in this book don't depend on any religions, or depend on all religions. Then I recommend this book for everyone, especially who lost his/her target of life.
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