Japanese Stained Glass

When I visit to Europe cities for sightseeing, I like to visit churches and cathedrals because their buildings, especially their stained glasses, are very beautiful. The stained glasses are normally colorful and great when you look at them from inside of buildings. I have many pictures of the them.
And when I surfed among internet I found a article of tabby’s blog “step by step” which showed beautiful Japanese stained glasses. They are built in the Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall. And their design are not like European style but Japanese one. When I looked the photos which tabby had took I thought I liked them as well as when I visited Europe churches and cathedrals.
I’ll show you some photos of them here (tabby said it is OK).
Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall
Stained Glass 1
Stained Glass 2

Visit tabby’s homepage, if you want to see more photos. Because the homepage of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall doesn’t have good and much photos of them.

Japanese homepage of Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall is here.


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