I found that the Reuters e-newspaper is a excellent e-newspaper for TADOKU readers.
That delivers e-newspapers everyday. And every e-newspaper has nearly a hundred articles.
And guess what? Every article has a "words count" that article includes. It's stated under its headline as shown the picture below. This is helpful for TADOKU readers who still count the words he/she had read.

Its cost is only $5.49 per month. This is cheeper than Mainichi and Asahi (both cost $9.99) or The International New York Times ($14.99). And you can get free trial for the first 14 days. If you won’t like this e-newspaper you can cancel its subscribe without charge. I think its cost is very reasonable even if you can read one article each day.

As of this point it seems you can subscribe Reuters e-newspaper for Amazon.com US site.

For subscribe the Reuters e-news paper from your Kindle paperwhite, follow below step.
1. Tap the shopping cart icon at the main screen on your Kindle paperwhite.
2. Tap [Newspaper].
3. Tap [All Kindle Newspapers]
4. Scroll your screen until you see “Reuters”.
5. Tap [Reuters]
6. Tap [Subscribe now]
7. Then you can get today’s version of its e-newspaper.

Almost articles include few hundreds words, but some articles include 1000 to 2000 words. Additionally you can use dedicated dictionary if you want to get the meaning of words eventually.
You can also read the e-newspaper on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone/tablet with Kindle free app after subscribing. But I don’t know how to subscribe from web site. I aiso not sure that the Reuters' web site has same articles.

Happy Reading!
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