I just finished reading "Daddy-Long-Legs" today. This is the second time to read this book. Then please refer my another article in this blog for the book review for it.
I'll write other things here.

Now I'm living in a room of a apartment near my mother's house. She is ninety-two now and visit a day-care center three times a week. Other days that she does n't visit there she lies on a bed or watches her favorite TV programs. When she is in her bed she is reading newspaper or her favorite two books. One book is a Japanese author's book and another is, guess what, "Daddy-Long-Legs". She read both again and again. She likes them very much.

It is n't a English book, of course. It was translated in Japanese. The book looks like very old. It's might be a appendix of a kind of girl's book. And Japanese used in the book is n't nowadays Japanese, but old fashioned Japanese. She is keeping it from her school ages. She said she was a bookworm like reading books under bed cover. Then she was getting nearsighted from her early age.

Recently, she says she is disappointed because she can n't any thing now. But she looks she enjoys her remaining life.

P.S. I used many "n't" separated from other words. Because it used in "Daddy-Long-Legs". I don't know if it was correct, since I heard Jean Webster (author of the book) was a eccentric speller in her college ages.

Happy Reading!

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