I watched one documentary film last month. And I was impressed by it. It was about interview of one old man who had been soldier nearly five years in war time. His experience of war had finished at Okinawa where he suffered death. But he had been in Chine three years and eight months from his first year as a soldier. He told three episodes at China in the film. The first one was a story when he was a new soldier. One day he and other new soldiers were gathered at the ground. There were two Chinese men who attached on trees by ropes. And the older soldiers instructed them to stick with the swords witch attached at their guns into the hearts of the Chinese. Then they did that because they couldn't say any objection to it. The second one was the story when his troops did a long hard walking in mountains. Old soldiers caught one Chinese woman who was in 30s and had an infant in her arms. The old soldiers raped her and had her walk with them. After had be raped she wore only shoes and still holding her baby with cloth. When his troops took rest at cliff side she sat beside him. He noticed slightly her white body in tiredness. Suddenly an old soldier picked her baby and threw him/her into cliff. Then the mother threw herself into cliff as she chased her baby. It happened in only several seconds. He shocked little since he couldn't think things deeply because of tiredness. After that his troops restarted the walking as if nothing happened. Third is the story when he was about three year experienced soldier and he did it this time. He and his colleague soldiers wanted to test how many real human bodies their guns can shoot trough out. Then they made a line using Chinese men and shot them from front. If two or three people died they left the bodies from the line and shot again. They did it until nobody left in the line.
He is mid 90s now. And he didn’t tell these stories anybody till 2000. But he had started telling them before many people and wrote some books about them. Many people who was in the same troops said complaint why he opened those episodes. But he thinks he must talk about these facts that really happened. And people who don't experience the war must know what happen in the war and how normal people change into like devil. He said people must decide what is good or bad by themself after knowing these facts. Finally he said sadly he never tell these stories to his wife and his family directly even he have been telling the stories to many people.

Now we must know the fact include the comfort women. But we must not talk about who was bad or evil but what is bad and what we must avoid.

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