Mr. Knipe worked for a electric company as a engineer. And his company just finished a big project. They made a enormous electrical computing machine that might be fastest in the world. After the project he took few week holidays. In this moment he restarted writing his own novel. But this was not going well. Suddenly he had a idea. He thought about the computing machine. He guessed it might be possible that the computing machine wrote novels. Then his challenging had been started.

This book has this first story and other 12 stories written by Roald Dahl.
When I read this first story I’m surprised at Dahl’s imagination ability. This story had written at 1954. There might be a electrical computing machine in that time. But it would be not popular. But he might imagine what would be done with the machine. So he probably got the idea of this story, I think.
I found this book at the library of my city. I thought a moment if I borrow it because this book was fat. Actually it has over 250 pages. But it includes 13 short stories. Every story has 5 to 34 pages. A short story is easier to read than a long story of course. I took long period for finishing the book.
When I looked at Amazon Japan site there is the renewal version and a Kindle version. Black cover is the renewal version.
Then, Happy Reading!







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