My memory of summer

Hi there. It's September. It's autumn. There was heavy rain on last week and air was cooling down. And it seems hot days won't come back.
Any way this hot summer remember me my memory of one summer day. Then I'm going to tell you about it.
(Actually this is the article I posted to TADOKU board of SEG home page at Sep 4th 2003.)

I usually visit Kyoto twice a year.
Because I stay my parents' house on summer holidays and year-end and new-year.
This year I did not take off on Bon-season, but this week.
Today I'm visiting Yasaka shrine same as other years.
After that I visited a sweety shop and ate Uji-kintoki crashed ice.
This is also my custom at visiting Kyoto.
I taste Uji-kintoki on summer or Zenzai on winter at this shop.

Today is very hot.
And I remember one summer day of several years ago.
That time I was in Yasaka shrine with my friend.
Suddenly we had strong shower, then we went unber the entrance gate of shrine.
And we saw a good sight.
There was a small cat, and she went to Komainu for hiding from shower.
Then she were sitting between Komainu's paws, under his chest.
That was beautiful scene.
Komainu's colour was almost gray, but cat's was light brown and white.
I and my friend said to each other if we had camera.
I can remember that scene clearly still now.
Then I try to make HAIKU in English for this memory.

"Shower come, Cat hid, Under stone dog's chest"

What do you think?
Happy reading!
(wrote on Sep.4.2003)

Now I tried to make a fake picture of this scene for easy understanding.






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