National Holiday?

I went to work this morning. But the automatic glass door at entrance of the company's building was closed. Then I had noticed today is a national holiday.
The dates of national holidays in Japan used be fixed specific date until about ten years ago. But government had changed the rule for dating of national holidays. Then dates of some national holidays are decided in the way like the third Monday of July. I'm still not familiar with this rule though.

I don't like to waste my time. Then I wanted change this happening to good one. I'm not an early bird. Then the time was already 10:30. It was the time to think about LUNCH! (Too early?) I usually have Italian buffet at the restaurant near my office twice or thrice a week. They prepared soup, salad, three kinds of spaghettis, three kinds of pizza, fish, chicken, two kinds of cakes, six kinds of ice creams and fruit punch. These stuffs are too much for one hour of my lunchtime. Then I can't enjoy coffee and ice cream. I must have coffee and ice cream just after main dishes without any interval. I don't like this. I want have some interval between main dishes and desserts. And I thought this was a chance to have enough lunchtime at this restaurant.
I visited the restaurant to ask if they have buffet today because today was holiday. And the answer was THEY HAVE! But their lunchtime would start at 11:30. A manager of the restaurant offered to have coffee and wait at there. But I didn't do so and went to other coffee shop. When I had come to the restaurant, they had full of guests and a lady at reception said they had no seat for me. But the manager had come soon to me and he said he had reserved a seat for me. Don't you think this is good restaurant?

Off cause I had good feeling from this treatment. And I had succeeded to change my fault to good happening.

See you.
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Hi, I'm hirosegawa. Nice to meet you.

That restaurant is good, I think.

I found this blog in surfing on the web.
I know your name from the board of SSS
and I am curious. Because you gave me a
comment on the board. Thank you again
for that comment. I'm blueleaf on the board of SSS.

The design of this blog is good. This design is
in fc2 common template? I have not seen this
design until now. And ClustrMaps is good, isn't it?
I want to set it in my blog.

I keep my eyes on this blog and look forward to
reading your article.



Hi Hirosegawa-san. This is Moring.
Thank you for coming my blog.
I started this blog only ten days ago.
Yes, that restaurant is good. Every stsff is kind.
But little bit expensive for salary man's parse.

Yes, I got this template from fc2. I think this is good.
If size of letter is bigger, then I have any complain about this.

And for ClustrMap, the map might let me know someone who lives outside of Japan had come.

See you soon.





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